2017: a year of make8bitart.com

happy new year!

i am not good at doing "year in reviews" for myself personally, since my existence has not been logged diligently and conveniently in a single space. BUT! my large son, make8bitart.com, has had its analytics and open source stats logged and i thought it would be fun to share some numbers with you!

348,071 creative beings have entered the magical free pixel grid that is make8bitart.com

297,800 of them were "unique" and 224,903 were considered "new visitors" by my analytics script.

1,318 days and 12 hours is the total time spent by all creative beings on make8bitart.com in 2017

that's a lot of sleep and productivity lost, but a lot of magical pixels pushed into the world! the average time per visit was 5 minutes and 26 seconds.

the busiest pixel pushing day was november 21, with 1,548 unique artists

i attribute this to my twitter followers following my long overdue updates to the app and my updating twitter as i went along. the second busiest day (with no commits!) was january 19, which looks like the consequence of a pixel art design challenge post linking to the tool for its challengers!

the top five countries using make8bitart.com are the united states, the united kingdom, canada, australia and brazil

the top cities, though, were bangkok, london, moscow, hong kong and aukland. my top priority for 2018 is setting up internationalization so that the community can localize the app!

the magic is in the URL! the top searches leading to make8bitart.com were "make 8 bit art", "8 bit art", "pixel art creator", "8 bit art maker" and "8bit art"

i chose this domain so i didn't have to waste precious real estate in the app window explaining what to do with it :) searches were also the top traffic resource, bringing 275,230 of my visitors!

it was a slow dev year: 23 commits have been made by three contributors: yours truly, phil calvin and zach leatherman.

thanks guys (and me)!

there wasn't a lot of time for me to dedicate on the project because of new job stuff and all that jazz i'm too lazy to gather together for a proper year-in-review (see intro to this post lol). most updates were for optimizations, catching up to new browser mandates, not cropping large drawings if you open the app in a smaller window, and also EXTREMELY EXCITING TBQH: adding offline support!

as of today, the github repo has 306 stars, 63 forks, and 15 people ~watching~

make8bitart.com has made $0 in ad revenue

this makes sense because i don't have ads on the site :) if you really enjoy make8bitart.com and want to support it, you can do so indirectly by donating to black girls code - they're empowering who i hope to be some of my future users and contributors to keeping this magic alive for decades to come!

2 emails from teachers and parents telling me how much their kids love make8bitart.com have made me cry this year :`)

there have been many more awesome emails from users but i just label the ones that make me happy-cry so i can go back to them whenever someone online makes me feel bad about myself. i love kids and to know i'm making them smile and express themselves in front of adults (which is scary!) is such an amazing feeling.

so many people have tweeted about make8bitart.com let's just say the number is between 50 and 1,000,000!

here are a bunch i was able to pull up in twitter's search:

the resolution's the limit!

i'm hoping to enhance make8bitart.com to make it even more accessible to people all over the world, and continuing to let it inspire me to expand into other weird grids like checkbox and hexagonal art! much like myself, make8bitart.com just keeps getting hotter and smarter, and i can't wait to see what y'all make with it in 2018!

happy new year, pixel pals!

picture of jenn in front of pixel art

xoxo j$