i absolutely LOVE talking to myself on slack and i think you all should talk to yourselves too

blogging is so exhausting i took a 2.6 month break! anyway

hello đź‘€

last night i was watching the minions movie with my pal eric and the topic of pomodoro timers came up, as they do. i mentioned the slack bot i made, pombot, and he said cool but he didn't use slack. but really we all basically use slack probably - it's just that many of you don't have admin access to your job's slack.

guess what tho...

i have my own slack team that is just me and i talk to myself on it - kind of like how one talks to themselves via todo lists or notes

me talking to myself on slack

i can't be the only one who does this - and if i am, you gotta try it. unlike the notes app on my iphone and desktop, slack is cross-platform including web, so i can really access it anywhere. and i can install bots! like pombot! and i create channels for different things i need to tell myself, or post images and links to for checking out when it's most convenient.

my slack channels

for to do lists, i can just delete messages as i go along because i'm bad at actual to do lists. and sometimes if i'm testing a bot or something out i'll just do it in a slack channel and invite a friend to try it and, when they're done I KICK THEIR ASSES OUT! hehehehe

anyway if your brain is too fast and you've lost all hope in todo lists like i have, i highly recommend slack as a platform to manage all this stuff, as you can customize it in a way that works for you. and if it doesn't work for you, i totally understand - it's hard these days keeping track of our lives, but trust me you're doing great!

xoxo j$