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if you want me to speak at your conference or on your podcast, or give a workshop, check out the glitch events page to reach out. if you want an exhaustive list of my talking experience, just keep scrolling!

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talks and podcats i've done


the whole list in reverse chronological order:


  • "welcome to my guestbook - going from static to full-stack on glitch" - dinosaur js, june 2018
  • "decoded: intro to javascript" - the wing, december 2017
  • "building a better web with glitch" - devfest nyc, december 2017
  • "decoded: intro to css and a11y" - the wing, november 2017
  • "decoded: intro to the web and html" - the wing, november 2017
  • "intro to js and twitter bots" - Tufts WIT, october 2017
  • "going front-end to full-stack with glitch" - empireconf, october 2017

conferences & meetups

ones i've emcee'd:
  • xoxo art + code night, september 2018
  • dinosaur js, june 2018
  • dinosaur js, june 2017
  • dinosaur js, june 2016
  • cssconf nordic, may 2016
  • dhtmlconf oakland, december 2014
  • cssconf us, may 2014
must watches:
the whole list in reverse chronological order: